January 12, 2011

Bikini Headlines

This morning while paying for breakfast at a kedai mamak, I was browsing the headlines on newspapers that laid on the counter. I noticed some of them were telling about this local actress' leaked bikini pics. It seems that people are making a big deal out of the pics that were unintentionally leaked to the net by her best friend.

Question is how is it so important that the papers have to make news out of it and put it on the front pages? Is this the level of intelligence that we Malaysians have? It's only about a popular TV chick trying to live her private life.

Even if she was walking around in bikinis, who are we to judge? Are we ourselves any better? At least she's sensitive to people's expectations, that for a public figure like her, she has to "behave" like what people believe she is - maybe like most of her baju kurung-clad-good-kampung-girl roles on TV.  Maybe that's why she decided to go to Bali, instead of Batu Feringghi or PD to avoid being spotted by fans and the media.

The fact that cheapskate stories like this made it to the front page bothers me. They belong to gossip blogs or teen magazines. Stop putting it up just to sell your newspaper. We have other serious issues at our hands that need urgent attention, not about some chick and her bikini pic.

January 11, 2011

3 Years Later

I'm back at this blog which I have abandoned for more than 3 years. I have given it a new name, a new URL and some touch up on the layout. This time around you'll find a more diverse content on this site. I'll be writing on just about anything that comes to mind, things that I want to share, things that I want you think about, things that I want you to ignore, things I love, things I hate, things you love, things you hate. I'll make you happy, I'll make you sad, I'll surprise you, traumatize you, make you hate me and make you like me. What was that?

Song Words

So I have this song that I "composed" and "arranged" almost two years ago, that I wish I could record it or perform with my band at an indie gig or something. But till this day I am nowhere near that - because I haven't got the lyrics for it.

The song's arrangement is of emo punk rock or emo alternative rock with a driving bassline and electric guitar plucking (with distortion) in the verses, while the chorus will be melodic with this really heavy guitar distortion riffs like Radiohead's Creep. And the song "expands" towards the end in the last choruses, and finally the instruments fade out, leaving harmonic vocals and lastly a complete stop. The theme, the mood I'm setting in this song is darkness, depression, frustration, defeat and emo like most songs from some of my influencing bands like Radiohead, Cake, My Chemical Romance and Soul Asylum. Can your hear it playing in your ears now?

During our jam sessions, my friends and I would just hum or just throw any words to the melody to make out a song.

I'm not good with words, what more with poetry. I must be a right-brainer. I wish I'm more creative and poetic. Or should I just get drunk or stoned and scribble some garbage into the melody like Kurt Cobain did?

July 9, 2007

Checklight Diagnostic

Every Programmed Fuel Injection Honda car provides the the driver with a diagnostic tool using the Check Engine Light (CEL), or more popularly known as the "checklight" (because it has the word "CHECK" on it). All electronic fuel injection cars come with a checklight; located somewhere in the meter cluster.

It's yellow coloured with an engine icon with the word "CHECK" that lights up when you turn the ignition key to "On" position, and it goes off again when the ECU finds that everything is in good order (to let you know that you can start the engine now). Look at the pic above, it's the one near the number "6" of the tachometer, below the oil pressure (alladin lamp) and battery indicator light.

Always start the engine only after the checklight goes off.

If your checklight lights up anytime while the engine is running, it means there could be a faulty or disconnected sensor. The ECU detects errors on the sensors, and lights up the checklight to warn the driver of the fault. It's time to do the "Check Engine Light Diagnostic". These steps apply to Honda cars only. I don't know how it's done on other cars. Here it is:

Find the ECU cover on the passenger side, it's located on the left-hand-side underneath the glove box.

Remove the ECU cover. That baby there is the ECU a.k.a the "computer box". It's the brain of your car. No, we're not gonna talk about that. I'll tell about ECUs later (if I'm not too lazy to write). What we're looking for here are the service connectors wrapped in green protective rubber covering. Found it? Good.

Inside the connector cover, are two connectors. One is a two-pin, and the other one a three-pin connector. Take out the two-pin connector. (Careful not to break the wires).

Get a piece of old speaker wire (or any wire) and connect the two pins together. Alternatively, you can use paper clip for that purpose.

Now, turn your ignition switch to "ON" position (don't start the engine). If the fault is still around, your checklight will start blinking. There 2 types of blinks - short blinks, & long blinks. A short blink represents a value of 1, and a long blink represents a value of 10.

Count the blinks. You need to do some maths now. For example: 2 long blinks + 2 short blinks = (2 x 20) + (2 x 1) = fault code = 22. Now look up the fault code table below. Voila! in our case, fault code 22 = "VTEC oil pressure switch circuit".

Honda ECU Error Codes

0 = Faulty ECU (no signal)

1 = Oxygen sensor or circuit.

2 = Faulty ECU

3 & 5 = Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor or circuit.

4 = Crank angle sensor or circuit

6 = Coolant temperature sensor or circuit

7 = Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) or circuit.

8 = TDC position/crank angle sensor or circuit.

9 = Crank angle sensor or circuit or Distributor

10 = Intake air temperature sensor or circuit.

11 = No particular symptom shown or system does not operate - faulty ECU

12 = Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) failure

13 = Atmospheric pressure sensor circuit.

14 = Electronic air control valve (EACV)

15 = No ignition output signal - possible faulty igniter.

16 = Fuel injector circuit.

17 = Vehicle speed sensor or circuit (VSS)

19 = Lock-up control solenoid valve (automatic transmission)

20 = Electronic load detector - possible open or grounded circuit in ECU wiring.

21 = VTEC solenoid valve circuit

22 = VTEC oil pressure switch circuit

23 = Knock sensor 30 = A/T control unit ECM fuel injection signal "A" (Accord & Prelude)

31 = A/T control unit ECM fuel injection signal "B" (Accord & Prelude)

36 = TCS traction control unit or wiring or ecu

41 = Heated oxygen sensor - heater circuit.

43 = Fuel supply system circuit (except D15Z1 engine)

45 = Fuel system out of range - rich or lean

48 = Heated oxygen sensor circuit (D15Z1 engine)

50 = Mass airflow sensor.

61 = Front oxygen sensor response slow.

63 = Rear oxygen sensor circuit voltage out of range.

65 = Rear oxygen sensor circuit malfunction.

67 = Catalyic converter efficency low.

70 = Automatic Transaxle problem.

71 = through,

76 Cylinder misfires

80 = Insufficient EGR flow

86 = Engine coolant temperature sensor circuit.

92 = Evaporative emission purge valve problem

So guys, the next time you're caught in a checklight situation, you know what to do. Good Luck!